There is a relationship that you must find with uncertainty. While finding your way in something as temperamental as Affiliate Marketing with Google’s elusive algorithm, you have to be understanding and accepting of the inherent difficulty of constantly hitting a moving target.

I call this Wealthy Affiliate Uncertainty.

You’ll need to develop the ability to roll with punches. Mostly that means tons of trial and error, along with an emphasis on tracking and understanding the outcomes.

I’ve seen how difficult it can be to gain consistency in your business, I’ve experienced volatile swings just in earning my first commission then quickly trying to ramp the opportunity to no avail. It’s not easy, but it is doable for those that will dedicate themselves.

It’s not often spoken about, but there can be some seriously dark days while trying to create a better life.

I’ve been in a rut as of late, and I will admit that this blog you’re reading has been therapeutic and also pivotal in developing my skill and quality as a blogger. Just last week I was confused and unsure what I had done wrong in blogging 100 posts to not experience any substantial traffic. I then realized that this is my first purely authoritative blog and therefore the learning curve would indeed be different from the test sites I was used to.

The offer isn’t good enough

Look man – I understand that you just want your commission. Sorry bud, that dog don’t hunt here. Weathy Affiliate Uncertainty

The internet is the ultimate leverage for consumers (small biz owners too), if you don’t come correct with your content, it will make your head spin how quickly traffic will bounce off of your site.

You’ve got to focus on showing the right offers to the right people at the perfect time.


I’ve been experimenting with different ways to market my first book HTKY Prekill vol. 1 and came across Nick Stephenson and his blog. I quickly began to realize that adding value isn’t only a good idea, it’s needed in today’s online world where people are being bombarded with promotions and advertisements left and right.

Your Writing isn’t thorough

Going back to the Narcos example. You guys are creating YouTube length content, when your audience wants to Netflix and Chill (I couldn’t resist). Break it down and get thorough with your writing. Not everything is a product review, and more importantly to me, not every article should be selling your audience. I know this works, I am certain that content is personal and laziness can be spotted from a mile away.

I learned this from Neil Patel, the decision to come back and update this article and most others on this site has led to me actually begin breaking through. The first thing I did was write 100 posts. It was the first step of a philosophy I coined, complete then tweak.

Formatting matters

I’ll never forget, the first sale I made through Share-A-Sale. I created a pretty standard email capture system combining a free Hubspot pop-up and ConvertKit to stay in contact with people who opt-in. Remember, this is the quality version of this blogging thing, that means you build rapport and repeat readership over the long-term. I know that following up with people via email just seems like more work, it is but it also gives your visitors an opportunity to identify you as a brand.

Wealthy Affiliate Uncertainty

I’ve got a good example for you. What if Narcos on Netflix was condensed to being one 20min episode? Like the entire season, was one episode? Do you think it would do well? Better still, would Netflix pretty much be YouTube at that point? I think thorough story and development intrigues your audience.

I think when I’m writing a blog, the same should be considered. I’ll take this idea even further and admit that I believe that I believe that building content is an art, the only reason that shorter content can survive is when it leads to more short content. How else can you explain spending an hour on YouTube and not really knowing exactly what you watched and why (autoplay is killing the game too).

81 / 100

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