What Does Wealthy Affiliate Teach?


I signed up for Amazon

They made me do it.

I offer site visitors products

I offer site visitors Amazon Prime (who doesn’t have Prime already is the real question here).

I also realize how to combo (my words) my offer.

The Vision

Early in the journey they do a great job of “dispelling the myth”. What I mean by that is there is this underlying eagerness that we all experience when starting a new class and hoping for a quick route to receiving but not necessarily earning money. There’s an obsession with receiving but not necessarily earning.


Writing is certainly the cornerstone of this course. The opportunity to write in a way that produces a quality experience for the reader more specifically. That means adding images, video, and making it a length that is both approachable and informative. I still feel there is an art to blogging successfully AND THEN having affiliate links placed well throughout.

Sale From Same Article

This is one idea that I’ve struggled with, I want more than most to highlight several areas in every single article I post. I want to create content that serves the purpose of getting paid a commission, rather than content that adds value. I don’t think I’m alone, I think most of us start blogging in this way in order to earn money quickly. The reality is that dialing it back and submitting to the process is a much better way.


My latest fascination is one of adding convenience into the mix, as we know up to this point it’s best to find ways to offer solutions via product or service rather than convincing someone to buy before laying the foundation. There’s groundwork that needs to be undertaken. But, I do believe that we find more and better offers when we go the long route. When you start to write for your audience, you begin to think like your avatar. Eventually you realize the item you are selling has many complementary products and some interesting angles and audiences could develop out of creative combinations.

I have an example for you. If someone signs up for the 30 day prime offer, they usually do so in order to then buy a product and get it shipped quickly. When writing this recently, I realized that buying an item on Amazon and the decision to receive fast shipping and other perks is 2 separate transactions that I’d get paid on. Something like this seems natural, and I remember how effortless signing up for Prime was on my personal account. Selling is almost non-existent because Amazon is just one of those staples of our modern culture. People just use it, there’s no real convincing that I need to do.

A further insight gleaned is most of us look things up, read articles, watch YouTube either to prepare for a purchase, understand what they purchased, or some form of the two. I had another breakthrough when I realized that the books I read had some weight and I could recommend books naturally after quoting them in my content. Effortless transitions, exactly how I prefer to shop to be honest and exactly the approach I need.

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