Earning your way into making a good living is a real thing.

I’ve seen my life flash before my eyes on those rough nights when I couldn’t even remember the good. The bad parts took precedent, but winning is just as much about holding steady as it is building progressively.

The first step is indeed education. Not in the traditional sense, but a laser like focus on what it is that interests you. A deep dive if you will.

There are layers to this process, one of the most notable being that of the time and intention that can’t be circumvented. Even in learning the “short-cut” there are elements that are missing because process wasn’t fully engaged.

I believe getting educated and then attacking problems is the best path forward. No matter how many tweaks and changes you make, you will famously be off when application dawns on your naive first attempts.

Truly it is trial by fire, the game is a marathon and requires good pacing along with calculation.

There’s not much to say here, there’s plenty to do though. Go get started and get into a productive rhythm.

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