Niche Blog: Your Niche Online Can Be The Same As It Is Offline


Finding your perfect spot.

Understanding where you fit in online is an art and science now more than ever.

It can be very confusing understanding where to start, but luckily this guide was currated to help you understand what niche blog is worth creating.

In this guide, we’ll explore niche ideas, topics, and examples to hopefully get you moving in the right direction and at a realistic pace.

Niche Blogging is some of the hardest but most satisfying work I’ve done. It’s difficult because the real work is writing, but the preparation for writing 2000-3000 words in order to rank well is pretty intense.

Niche Blog Content

Content can be effortless, but you should choose that right from the start. One of the biggest mistakes is to put a ton of effort into choosing a niche that “makes money” yet we all know that money is a byproduct of success.

Each time I had a blog post that I really needed to put my best foot forward for, I realized that the content poured out onto the page rather than being forced.

The best way I’ve found to do that is through extensive research and outlining.

Check out my process for authority through keyword analysis here.

If you’re from the deep South and enjoy hunting, fishing, and football you should probably write about one of those topics.

You shouldn’t necessarily ignore niches that have a ton of content. But, you should definitely write about what you are naturally interested in.

If you’re an Instagram addict and follow all the celebrities and “influencers” you should totally write about it and find the relevant products/services after the fact.

I Imagine the biggest gossip rags started as an extension of the creator’s interest rather than monetary interests they were hoping to capitalize on.

The money will find great content.

Kim K didn’t make a sex tape thinking she would be selling hair vitamins (or did she?) but that’s what happened.

The point is, do what you were doing and find a way to monetize later.

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As beginner marketers we think we need to have it all figured out before we actually start. Often this means the technical side of blogging along with any angle we might want to exploit.

The truth is, research is a skill that needs heavy repetition in order to improve. You need to know the difference between good and bad research before you can actually achieve better. The only way to know the difference is to have done bad research and realize it after the fact.

This article is being rewritten.


Because it was horrible compared to my skill level now (2yrs later).

I’m OK with it, I hope you understand this will be the case for you as well.

As you gain experience, you can see the mistakes that weren’t obvious at the time.

For me, my online journey, depicted here on this blog, has been a natural focal point for my life over the past 3yrs.

So when I came up with the idea to write my story like this, I knew I would never run out of content. No research into how ultra-competitive this type of affiliate marketing tips and tricks niche would be.

I found out later that it’s going to take some time to gain serious organic traffic in this niche.

I don’t care though, I can build my test sites separate from this first authority blog.

The exercise still stands to benefit me in the long-run, allowing me to understand the different pieces and how they fit together.

Every single day I can just write what happened and that be that.

Additionally, people generally don’t like perfect.

Hell I’m writing this with about $400 to my name and my girlfriend not willing to sign the lease for us to renew. Sucks. It sure does. Maybe a little too personal? Possibly.

But, I will never run out of content.

My niche is my life. This blog is reality TV (but unscripted).

Meditation Life came to exist because I love meditation and wanted to create a business that would force me to be more consistent with my personal practice.

It worked out nicely in building the habit, but the business is on hold for now.

I know that if I choose to reopen the store, I can do much better than my first go.

I had a blog, but had no idea what I was doing.

That’s Ok.

It was more a journal than a blog.

I didn’t have any idea about best practices, on-page SEO, or just what SEO was for that matter.

This is how you evolve, you get a feel for the landscape at large and move forward.

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